What is Mindful Coloring?

Mindful coloring is a very simple concept. It is the art of coloring while practicing
mindfulness. Being mindful is all about being in the moment and being engaged and
involved in what’s going on around you. The art of mindfulness is lost on so many these
days. The presence of cell phones and instant access to the lives of millions of people
across the world is so tempting. Many people miss out on the basic pleasures and the
simple little things in life because they are so focused on doing more than one thing at a
time they have no idea how to be mindful. Adult coloring is here to change that.

How is Coloring Mindful?

Mindful coloring is simple. You are busy coloring, which means you’re busy doing one
thing. You can’t color and carry on a conversation with the kids. You can’t color and
watch a television show or cook dinner. You can focus on one thing, and you then clear
your mind of everything as you choose colors, work to stay within the lines, and you
focus on what you’re doing.

Mindful Coloring is A Teaching Tool

This is the type of teaching tool you use to help you create better habits. Mindful
coloring allows you to learn to clear your mind and focus on the task at hand. The task
here is the page you are coloring, but it transcends into other areas of your life as well.
When you learn to be mindful while coloring, you’re learning the tools to practice
mindfulness in other areas of your life.

Mindful Coloring is Relaxing

One of the biggest benefits of mindful coloring is the way it relaxes you. You’re no
longer focused on all the things that overwhelm you and make you feel down or
stressed. You’re focused on something so simple and so easy, and you are really
focused on it. You don’t have to sit back and think about it further. You are now
engaged in something that doesn’t bring you stress or anxiety, and it relaxes you. Many
people use this tool when they feel angry or upset as a way of calming down and

Coloring is beneficial to anyone, even if you are a little worried you seem childish. This
thought process is not uncommon, but it’s one that’s quickly changed once you realize
just how beneficial it is and how it’s not childish at all. If you begin to practice mindful
coloring, it won’t take you long at all to realize it’s beneficial to you in more ways than
one. It can help you change your life for the better over time.

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