Positive Affects of Coloring

Adult coloring is not a new concept, but it’s one many people aren’t sure they
understand. Sure, coloring is fun. It reminds you of a simpler time in your life when you
were a child and coloring was a fun pastime. Now it’s an escape, and it reminds you of
the joy found in simplicity. What you might not know is coloring in an adult coloring book
is more than a fun pastime. It’s a mental break filled with benefits designed to help you
ease stress.

Adult Coloring Calms You

Have you heard of amygdala? If not, you’ve certainly heard of a fight or flight response.
This is what happens when you’re overwhelmed, overworked, and anxious. It gets
worked up and leaves you feeling panicked. Coloring helps calm the amygdala, which
can help you focus on a more positive life experience.

Adult Coloring Encourages Mindfulness

It takes a great deal of time and effort to color a page in a book made for adults. It takes
precision and careful thought, which can help you manifest mindfulness. It’s a great way
to help you focus. When you learn to focus and be genuinely present in the moment,
you learn to be more mindful. Mindfulness helps you in other areas of your life, such as
finding enjoyment in the simple things. What you might not know you can focus on your
mindfulness while you color, and you can sharpen the tools you use to practice being
more present in life.

Adult Coloring Relieves Stress

Stress isn’t always negative. Many forms of stress are actually quite helpful in that they
help you focus on things that need your attention. This is called positive stress that
motivates you to work harder and more efficiently. When stress is overwhelming,
however, it’s negative. This kind of negative stress occurs when you focus on things you
can’t change in life no matter how hard you think about them or focus on them. It stems
from worry, which is a wasted emotion.

Adult coloring books take your mind off the things you fear or worry about, and it helps
you focus on the here and now. It’s much like mindfulness only it allows you to feel
calmer and less stressed. You might even walk away from your coloring pages with a
renewed sense of energy and a newfound sense of peace thanks to the stress relief.

Adult coloring books are an excellent way to improve mental health. You needn’t suffer
from health issues to use these books to help you improve your life, either. Even if you
aren’t anxious or too stressed, you can benefit from adult coloring. It’s designed to
remind you of the simple pleasures life has to offer.

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