Your Words Are a Reflection of What YOU Believe About Yourself!

Do you genuinely believe that you are a success or at least one in the making? If you do, then your words should testify to that fact, and there is no doubt that people who listen to you should affirm the same. If you are in this category, your words always sell you out as they are full of hope, faith, and they portray confidence. If you, however, view yourself as a loser, the pattern of your speech follows suit; there is a lot of doubt, lack of faith, pessimism, and dullness in your words.

People can discern how highly you think of yourself
By merely listening to you, other people can gauge to what extent you think you are important as an individual, for example. Notice how some people are easily insulted or told off, yet it is a lot more difficult to treat others the same way. It is because, on a scale of one to ten in the human mind, some people pass as twos in terms of importance while some are given mighty eights and nines. An important factor leading to this ‘scaling’ is the quality of words a person says about themselves, in addition to the way they handle themselves i.e., their body language.
“I am doomed” “This is impossible” “I don’t think I will make it” -are all examples of phrases that easily escape the mouths of the unsuccessful more often than they do those of successful people. Such utterances suck the hope out of life and set you up for failure. It is challenging to be creative about formulating a solution when you feel hopeless, so, by all means, avoid words that diminish your hope.

A person who believes in their ability to bounce back from a fall (however painful it may be) would say things like: “This is only a minor setback”; “I will resolve this”; or “It is but a test, I will find a way to pass it!” Their words are a clear indication that they don’t believe they are a victim of life’s circumstances, but instead, they are victors. They have chosen to take life by its horns and find winning ways in all situations.

The decision is yours
Decide today what you want to believe about yourself: a winner, a lover, a grateful being filled with confidence, generosity, and goodness. Once you do that, then begin to choose your words to fit that exceptional description. “But isn’t it easier to first become and then be able to say that you are?” one may ask. The truth is words fuel you to the image of yourself you have. If you say it enough times, the energy in you will build up towards creating that picture you insist is yours.

Whom you become follows what you confess to be.
We have all seen some people in positions of authority and wondered how in the world they got there as they are not in our opinions suited for such. These are the tenacious individuals who saw and spoke themselves into high places. When no one else saw the same or would cheer them onto those places, they did it themselves. Any one of us is well able to do the same if we would focus our energies on it!

A story is told of a gardener who took on an experiment to discover the power of words on plants. He took two similar flowerpots, and each day spoke positive words to one but cursed the other every day. Despite their getting the same conditions: water, sunlight, and air equally after a couple of weeks, he noticed that one was flourishing while the other was drying up from its roots. It is not difficult to guess which one thrived.

If, therefore, mere plants can be affected by words, the same applies to the human soul. It is alive and, accordingly, actively responds to words spoken to it, and the good news is that regardless of what people say about you (which may sometimes be discouraging) what finally manifests is what you believe to be true. It is up to you to validate which truths to take on and believe about yourself.

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