Thankful and Grateful Like a Grown Ass Woman: Gratitude Journal

There is always something to be Thankful and Grateful for in your life. The more you focus on the good, the better your life will be. This book is for the woman interested in deepening her “attitude of gratitude” by intentionally making it part of her lifestyle through journaling.

The pages are 8.5 x 0.46 x 11 inches and in color, designed to give you plenty of space and keep you focused on all that you have to be thankful and grateful for in life. For 50 days you will identify Who and What you are thankful and grateful for and why; as well as what you are excited about, what you’ve learned, and accomplished and the most memorable moments of each day with accompanying affirmations. The daily repetition will create a habit of expressing your gratitude which activates your manifesting power.

One of the best ways to practice gratitude is to write in your Thankful & Grateful Like a Grown Ass Woman Gratitude Journal Daily.

The Benefits of Being Thankful and Grateful Like a Grown Ass Woman:
•Helps Reduce Toxic Mindset Patterns
•Decreases Stress Levels
•Enhances Forgiveness and Empathy
•Helps You to Appreciate Life, Even Through Adversity
•Empowers You to Attract Even More to Be Thankful and Grateful for

How to Use This Journal:
1.Set No Limits or Expectations, Go with The Flow.
2.Commit to Writing What You Are Grateful for Each Day even if its just a bullet point.
3.Always Keep it Positive and Uplifting.
4.Start Small and Simple, it doesn’t have to be long or grammatically correct.
5.Don’t Be Afraid to Repeat Your Gratitude. Add New Things as They Come Up.

Order a copy for yourself and your besties. Perfect for accountability partners, challenges, book clubs, best friends, and sisters. Use this thoughtful journal to keep who and what matters most in your life in perspective despite what’s happening in the world. This Gratitude journal will help you to never take anyone or anything including your next breath for granted! Start writing and be Thankful and Grateful Like a Grown Ass Woman. I am thankful and grateful to be part of your journey.

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