Power Affirmations: Beauty Pathways Knowing You are a Sexy and Beautiful Woman

You can spend a fortune on beauty treatments and clothes but unless you feel beautiful and sexy on the inside your true beauty will not shine for the world to see. If you believe your are sexy and beautiful you will walk, talk and behave differently, radiating beauty signals to everybody you meet. True beauty is no only about looks, its about personality, your outlook on life and how warm and friendly you are. Research is also showing that believing your are beautiful causes changes in your body that express a more physically beautiful you. This is because you subconscious mind is deeply connected to your body it can effect the health and vitally of your hair and skin, both very important components of your outer beauty. You will also find that your subconscious mind will begin to change your expressions, mannerisms and gesture that enhance how sexy and beautiful you look and feel. It is because believing your are sexy and beautiful as such a profound effects on how beautiful you appear to others and the quality of your relationships with yourself and other that we developed this power affirmation recording , Knowing You are Sexy and Beautiful.

To reprogram your subconscious mind with deep beliefs and mindsets of a sexy and beautiful woman. Giving you unshakable believe that you truly are a very sexy and beautiful woman. An inner belief that will transform your outer reality and your inner confidence and happiness.

Power affirmations are a powerful change technology, using the tried and tested process of affirmations, that use repetition to install new beliefs in your subconscious mind. To make the process more effective power affirmations add brainwave entrainment . The isochronic tones added to the recording slow your brainwaves down to the level of theta brainwaves. This creates a very receptive and relaxed state, in which mental and emotional barriers that normally make the mind resistant to change as more easily bypassed, making it much more likely that the affirmation will be effective.

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