Stop Trying to Escape Emotions – Use Mindfulness to Accept and Address Them

There are many reasons that people have for wanting to escape emotions, but one recurring theme is that it can be painful to face certain feelings. This is why escapism with alcohol, drugs, overworking, overeating and other habits are often used in place of dealing with emotion.

But when you push away the emotions rather than accepting them, they can grow in intensity. The anger can become bitterness, the fear can become an anxiety disorder. When you attempt to escape emotion and they end up building, not dealing with them can become a wrecking ball that will hit you when you least expect.

You’ll end up feeling overwhelmed when the wall of emotion from months or years of holding them back hits you all at once. The best way to deal with emotions, even the painful ones that you don’t want to face is address them.

By addressing them, you can discover a better way of handling what you feel. Mindfulness can help with this. If you practice mindfulness, it can show you how to accept your emotions rather than pushing them away and not dealing with them.

One of the reasons that many people don’t want to accept their emotions is because they attach another emotion to the original. For example, if they feel afraid of something, it’s often followed by shame.

They’ll shame themselves by engaging in negative self talk for having the fear to start with. The reasoning behind this is because people label feelings as acceptable or unacceptable or as good or bad.

When you use mindfulness to accept whatever it is that you’re feeling, you simply allow those feelings to be. You let them exist without defining them or attempting to alter them.

It means that you’ll be able to release feeling the need to keep your emotions tucked away. With mindfulness, you’ll discover that emotions aren’t bad to have and they’re not bad to accept.

By accepting them, you can experience freedom. When you accept emotions, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to stay stuck in a rut of always feeling anger or grief or whatever emotion that you have.

It means that you recognize the emotion for what it is. A feeling and nothing more. Accepting means that you allow the emotion to be felt and you don’t fight to keep it at bay.

Mindfulness can help you address the emotions that you try to escape from. You need emotions to help guide you way through life. Exercises can help you learn to address your emotions, such as deep breathing while focusing only on the emotion that you’re experiencing at that time.

While you’re focusing on the emotion, get to the reason that caused the emotion. When you figure out the cause, it can be helpful in accepting and addressing it. Once you identify the cause, you can release the emotion tied to the source.

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