Reducing Overwhelm by Letting Mindfulness Take Over

Every person in the world knows what it’s like to be overwhelmed at one point or another. Some people live lives where overwhelm is more the norm than not. That can be chalked up to being busier than ever before, it can be chalked up to habits and also not knowing how to say no even to the good opportunities.

But regardless of the reason, when overwhelm hits, your stress levels rise and your body reacts with the same hormones that you get when you experience the “fight or flight” feeling.

Living in a state where you often feel overwhelm isn’t good for you and you can reduce it by allowing mindfulness to take over instead. Mindfulness allows you to see what’s actually happening.

That means that you become aware of the emotions and any thoughts that are driving what you do. You take the time to focus on the present and discover what’s at the root of what you’re doing.

For example, are you taking on too many projects because you have workaholic tendencies and you tie who you are into what you do? Once you see what’s really happening, you’ll recognize the emotions within you that are contributing to or causing the overwhelm.

Some of these emotions will be anxiety, fear or depression. If you still hear the track from negative track from self talk that’s a sign that your emotions are contributing to the overwhelm you’re experiencing.

Mindfulness teaches you how to stop the train of overwhelm and see yourself with honesty. It allows you see that you’re worthy, that you’re valued, and that you deserve compassion.

You’ll learn how to stop judging yourself and in some cases, stop hating yourself. By practicing mindfulness, you’ll be able to be true to who you are, even internally and you’ll be able to do it without condemnation by your own thoughts or emotions.

When you learn mindfulness, it can reduce overwhelm by showing you that what you think and feel are just in existence. The reason that some people experience overwhelm is because they have the wrong reaction to what they feel.

Emotions are not always comfortable and so people shy away from wanting to allow these feelings to simply be. So then they end up with overwhelm because they have these emotions that tie in to their self worth and they end up thinking they’re not worthy.

Mindfulness calls for you to acknowledge the thoughts and feelings but not to hold on to them. You acknowledge and then release it. But when you’re acknowledging it, you do so with compassion and this reduces the overwhelm that you would normally feel.

When you let mindfulness take over, it can deal with the thoughts and feelings that you have that dictate your actions.

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