Mindful Self Compassion Helps You Live a Better Life

When you have compassion for yourself, it means that you treat yourself kindly despite times you feel that you’ve messed up somehow. Mindful self compassion means that you foster thoughts that make it easier to be your best self while treating yourself well.

Self compassion is a struggle for some people because they have a reel that plays in their head that constantly berates them, telling them how they failed or how that they’re not worthy.

For others, it’s a struggle because they may have had situations from their childhood years where others who should have been kind to them weren’t. It’s never too late to learn self compassion and how to apply it to your life.

When you practice mindful self compassion, it means that you put a stop to that negative talk inside your mind that you let beat yourself up. It also means that you treat yourself kindly in your day to day living.

You stop doing things that are detrimental to your physical health or to your emotional health. Some of the things that self compassion may help you to let go of is working to much, unhealthy eating habits, giving in to stress and putting up with relationships that aren’t good for you.

Mindful self compassion allows you to see your faults, but not dwell on them. It allows you to recognize that you’re human and enables you to let go of past mistakes that you still hold over your own head.

Not only will you learn how to treat yourself kindly and lovingly, but you’ll be able to do the same toward others. When you understand self compassion, it can help you be able to bring emotions under control.

This will let you stop allowing stress to push you toward anxiety or sadness or frustration. It will also help you be able to react to things without blaming yourself. You’ll learn how to treat yourself with respect and how to encourage yourself rather than shaming who you are or things you’ve done.

Learning how to use mindfulness to find self compassion doesn’t meant that you believe you have no faults. It means that you don’t call yourself names, you don’t think of yourself as a bad person.

You just love yourself as is, faults and all. For people who have trouble grasping the concept of self compassion, think of the way that you treat the people that you really love.

You treat them kindly. You show understanding for their faults and you let it go when they let you down. That’s the same way that you need to treat yourself – like a trusted and valued person that you love and want good things for.

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