Mindful Communication Tips for Couples

Being in a relationship can come with a lot of challenges and one of these challenges is communication. People don’t communicate the exact same way. You may say something and think that you’re speaking lovingly, but your partner’s communication skills may interpret it as a slight.

If you want to better the way that you communicate with your partner, learning mindful communication is the best way to do it. You’ll learn ways to communicate effectively and how to wade through any conversations that keep the two of stuck in a place where you can’t find common ground.

You’ll also learn through mindfulness what to do if you end up in an argument. Mindfulness teaches you how to communicate with an open mind. Just because you have a clear picture in your mind and an opinion of how things should be doesn’t make it correct.

You have to be open to the other person’s thoughts, feelings and ideas. Mindfulness teaches you to release any past feelings about communication with the other person.

It allows you to let the other person have a clean slate without any past offenses causing you to pre-judge the current conversation. When you practice mindfulness, it will help you be able to talk without causing the other person to go on the defensive.

You’ll learn to listen in gentleness without bringing negative words or body language into the conversation. When you have a point you want to get across, you’ll be able to talk about it without becoming defensive or without casting blame onto your partner.

You’ll be more receptive toward the other person when you practice mindfulness because you’ll learn to communicate while focusing on the other person. You’ll be able to move the focus away from “I want” or “I need” communication to “you need” or “you want,” which will evolve into what you need as a couple that will benefit the both of you.

By practicing mindfulness, you’ll be able to foster an atmosphere that makes it easy for both you and your partner to share your hearts. When there’s a lack of communication between couples, it’s usually because one or both partners don’t feel like they’ve been heard or they don’t feel like they can trust the other person with what they’re really feeling.

When you learn mindful techniques, you’ll learn not to presume that you know what’s going on inside your partner’s mind. A lot of communication between couples is based on what you think the other person is thinking or feeling.

Mindfulness can give you the understanding to remain calm even when you’re dealing with a topic that might have pushed your buttons in the past. When you’re communicating with your partner, you can practice breathing exercises learned through mindfulness to help keep you from becoming angry or defensive.

You’ll learn how to appreciate your partner’s many unique differences, how to offer encouragement, how to communicate with openness, honesty and gentleness.

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