Mindful Birthing for Parents to Be

Mindfulness is a tool that can be used in all areas of your life. One of the areas where it can useful is in preparing to give birth and going through the birthing process.

This practice can be done by the birth mother along with her birth coach, spouse or family members and friends. Regardless of whether or not you’ve had good experiences with prior birthing, mindfulness can be a soothing and relaxing way to introduce your newest family member into the world.

Pregnancy is not without its ups and downs – including some stressful moments. For women who’ve gone through pregnancy before, they have the experience to recognize that the physical side as well as the emotional side of pregnancy can fluctuate.

They also understand what’s involved in the actual giving birth part. But women who are pregnant for the first time will feel anxious. Being anxious is normal during pregnancy but you do want to eliminate stress.

Mindfulness can help pregnant women to experience peace and calmness through the pregnancy and the birth. They’ll develop a reassurance within themselves that they can handle the birth.

This mindful way of experiencing a birth helps to relieve the negative thoughts some women associate with birth and can change them into positive ones. What most women and their partners fear with giving birth is the worry that something is going to go wrong.

They also fear the unknown if they’ve never given birth before as well as being afraid of the type of pain associated with childbirth. Some teachings on birthing suggest trying not to focus on the pain but this isn’t as helpful.

What mindfulness can do during the birthing process is it can help focus awareness on the pain by acknowledging it. The pain will still be felt within the body but it won’t be an all-consuming, anxiety riddled pain.

Instead, mindfulness will allow you to go with the flow of the pain rather than fighting it. When mindfulness is used during the birthing process, both the mother and the partner will become more confident in their abilities not only to handle the birth, but as parents as well.

The mother to be will be able to release her fear of giving birth as anxiety and worries will be controlled through mindful techniques. The mother to be will be able to concentrate on an inner support system for minimizing the pain of labor.

Going through mindfulness teaching prior to giving birth will open up a deeper level of intimacy for the parents to be. It will also teach them how to connect with each other as parents.

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