Mindful Attraction for the Relationship You Want

Everyone has the kind of relationship that they want to have in mind. Sadly, what they often get in reality is nothing like the one that they want. When they get into a relationship, they discover either that the connection they thought they had wasn’t there or they feel as if they’re just not getting their needs met.

How often do you hear about relationships that ended because someone just wasn’t happy anymore? You can practice mindful attraction to get the relationship that you want to have even if you’re already in a relationship with someone you currently care about.

What mindfulness does is it prepares you to become good at communication. This is the key that derails most committed relationships and it’s the key that often ends potential relationships before they even get off the ground.

With mindfulness, what you learn to do is to really hear what the other person is trying to say. In relationships, people are prone to focus on what they want and on what they feel or think.

By not mindfully listening to the other person, you miss clues that can build a strong relationship foundation. You also miss clues that can attract the right relationship to you. When you pay attention to the other person, you tune in to their thoughts and feelings.

This enables to you to genuinely connect with the other person. It makes them feel appreciated and connected to you in return. When you practice mindfulness, you can attract the relationships that allow you to accept people for who they are.

It’s easier to do because mindfulness first leads you into learning how to accept yourself and love who you are. You’re then able to care about others more easily. This allows you to accept the other person faults and all without thinking that you need to fix their flaws.

You’ll be able to think about the other person in a positive light and see the good in them. Mindfulness shows you how to keep your focus on the present when you’re with the other person.

Too often when we’re with someone, we’re busy thinking about what we have to take care of or what we’re going to say next. We’re not allowing ourselves to simply experience the moment with that person.

When you hug or kiss the person you’re in a relationship with, focus on the moment. On the sensations. Not only will this help you to have positive feelings about the person, but it can help keep spark alive in a relationship that’s a long term one.

When you practice mindfulness, it allows you to feel empathy for the other person. You’ll be able to be more compassionate when they’re struggling rather than judging them or criticizing them.

Mindfulness makes you more attentive to the needs of others, which in turn attracts the kind of relationship that you want to have.

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