How Bing Business Portal Can Help Your Business Grow

More than 30 percent all searchers use Bing, and that number is growing fast now that many mobile devices are choosing Bing as their default search engine. Since mobile devices are currently outselling PCs, this is important news. In short, it’s time to claim your business listing on Bing via the Bing Business Portal.

It’s simple to claim your listing or to create a listing; just go to to get started. See if you have a listing already – if you do, claim it and if not, create one. You’ll need to create a Microsoft account, just like you had to create a Google account for Google Places. You can use a Hotmail account, Xbox LIVE, Windows Phone, SkyDrive and other services with one single Microsoft account.

Once you create your account and your listing, be sure to fill out your profile completely by adding photos, logos and other keyword-rich content for your target audience. Other than advertising and some deals, the listing is completely free.

After signing into your account you’ll go to the Dashboard of your Business Portal where you’ll see your businesses (yes you can have more than one) and you’ll be able to list what you sell, events, deals, users (so others can manage your account), marketing and more. Once you do it you can participate in advertising, deals and more.

Using Bing’s entire suite of tools, starting with the Bing Business Portal, will help you grow your business in a variety of ways such as:

> Improve Search Engine Optimization
> Provide an avenue for Search Engine Marketing
> Help your business stand out in local search
> Provide overall better visibility for your business
> Allows your business to create offers and deals
> Allow your business to create a mobile-friendly site
> Identify the right category to list your business
> Create customized menu items
> List your business operating hours
> Insert an easy-to-read location map
> Integrate everything with social media

With your Bing business listing on Bing Business Portal, your clients will be able to find you more easily. They’ll also be able to get your contact information, see content you’ve put on your Bing listing, and click through to your website.

You’re able to completely personalize your listing so that your own logos, photos, contact info, types of payments you accept, and more are all on your profile in an easy-to-read format. Plus, the ability to create deals that will elicit more customer response is an exciting addition. You can even publish your deals to Facebook, so the social media integration is awesome. Not to mention your listing, which is completely mobile friendly.

Bing returns more valuable search results to the approximately 34 percent of users who are regular users of Bing search over Google search, which means that users who find you on Bing are more likely to make a purchase than users who find you on Google. With the advent of many mobile devices switching to Bing as their default search engine, the momentum will continue – making it even more important that your business use Bing Business Portal.

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