Effective Pre-Sell Methods

Do you pre-sell? Pre-selling is essential for affiliate marketers. And it can be an incredibly useful skill for other types of business models as well. Pre-selling is the act of promoting a product or service without actually giving a sales pitch.

A good example of a pre-sell, and we’ll talk about this in a bit more detail, is a product review. Product reviews share the features – and a few benefits – of a product, giving the reader enough information to want to buy the product. There are many different pre-sell methods. Learn the methods and you can incorporate them into your content strategy for more sales and profits.

#1 Pre-Sell with a Product Review

Product reviews can be effective pre-selling tools if they also include some personal results or a personal story. If you share information about your personal experience with the product, your pre-sell will be significantly more effective.

For example, if you used a piece of fitness equipment then share a story about using it. Also demonstrate your results. Did you lose weight with the equipment? Did you get more energy or muscle definition? What would potential buyers want to know? Of course, if you haven’t used the product or service (which happens often in the affiliate business) you can use other people’s results. Dig for testimonials and other reviews and then include that information, and the source, in your review.

#2 Product Demonstration

A product demonstration is almost like a review. They’re generally presented in video format. However, you can also use PowerPoint or a slide show to demonstrate how to use a product. Focus on the benefits of using the product and talk about the results. Hone in on the primary reason a person would benefit from the product and the problem the product or service would solve.

#3 Pre-Sell with a List

People simply love lists. Not random grocery lists but relevant and useful lists. You can pre-sell products or services by creating lists of your own. For example, you might create a list of the top ten budget treadmills. You can also reference other top ten lists.

#4 Add Credibility

Another way to pre-sell is to add credibility or recognition whenever possible. For example, if a fitness product was seen on The Biggest Loser then you can use that recognition and credibility to help pre-sell your product.

Finally, occasionally manufacturers offer incentives. You can use those incentives, like a bonus or a limited time discount, to help pre-sell an item. With each piece of pre-sell content, you can boost your pre-sell efforts by sharing your information on social sites.

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