Creating and Using Video/Slideshare Boards

Using Pinterest is about sharing images and other visuals with others. For business, you can also make use of such images for a variety of brand-building reasons. In this article, we will be discussing the use of video and slideshare boards.

What Is Slideshare?

Slideshare is a slide hosting service. Just like video hosting services, this one allows you to share images saved as PowerPoint, PDFs, in Keynote or in Open Office presentations. These slides can also be shared using sites like Pinterest. Did you create a slide show for a presentation that you gave? Pin it to a board and let others benefit from it as well.

Slideshare supports other formats as well. You can save content from webinars, documents and videos. You can share and comment on content posted here and upload it to other places.

What about Pinterest?

On Pinterest you can share your slide shows by pinning them to a board dedicated to just that presentation. You can organize your pins so that they flow in a logical order that is easy for viewers to interpret. Add descriptions filled with keywords to share what is being viewed in each slide.

What kind of slide shows can you pin? Use them for company presentations. Give employees access to the boards that provide company information such as future outlook for the company, company trends and hierarchy within the company, profits, etc.

Also utilize slide presentation boards for customers. Let’s say that your business is fashion. You can create slide shows that depict how to put together spring outfits and include your products.

Using Videos on Pinterest

Pinterest also allows you to pin videos. Videos are a great way to share information with readers. You can use a video to explain the board or to add something extra visually for your followers.

So, how do you add a video to a board? First your video needs to have an address. Upload it to YouTube. Then, find it on YouTube. Click the “share” button and click on “options.” In the drop down menu at the bottom, click “HD link.” Copy the link that appears in the long window.

Go to your Pinterest account. Click the “Add +” link. Paste that video link and click “Find images.” Select the board where you want the video to appear. Include something about the video in the description box (don’t forget keywords). All that is left to do is to hit the “Pin it” button.

Videos can be used on Pinterest as a way of hosting contests. Host a contest on your site where participants have to upload and pin a video to a contest board. If your business is fashion, the contest could pertain to how to put together a seasonal wardrobe.

How can your business benefit from Pinterest? Try using videos and slideshare on your boards.

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