Can You Still Earn Decent Dollars with AdSense

There are some people who say that you cannot make decent money with AdSense any longer due to all the algorithm changes. However, in reality this is not true. You can still make decent money with Google AdSense; you’re just not going to be able to keep tricking the system to make the money. You’re going to have to have a long-term plan of creating a large authority website with genuine, original well-researched content, and you’ll need to expand your reach with mobile devices and

To make money with AdSense you’ll need:

A non-techie niche – Many tech-centered niches also include people who block AdSense ads, so choose a niche where people actually want to see advertisements that are well placed and relevant to your audience. Do not choose a micro niche but a broader niche, so that your site can become an authority site.

A monetizable niche – When you choose your niche, consider what possible ads might run on that kind of website. Are there products and services that are running advertisements using AdSense for that topic? If there aren’t plenty of advertisers within that topic, you probably need to choose something else.

Multiple types of content – Create a lot of well-researched content in a variety of mediums. You want to have video, text content, podcasts and more to fill out the content on your website. And you will need to keep it up to date two to three times a week at least.

Mobile compatibility – If you’re not mobile compatible today, you’re going to be scrambling to catch up soon, as mobile use is taking over personal computers. It probably won’t completely take them over completely, but the buying population is going to be on the move and you need to be there too.

Massive traffic – Use all natural means to create a massive wave of continuous traffic including continuous content, guest blogging, social media, forum comments and more. Leave no stone unturned, including the code on your site. Make sure you’re following all of Google Webmaster tips, tricks and rules. Avoid trying tricks like buying inbound links or followers.

Well-placed ads – If you have ad slots that aren’t getting clicks, experiment with better placement. Google helps you with their webmaster tools by actually telling you the best layouts to use. Listen to what they say because they know. No need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to AdSense.

Keep at it – Earning money with AdSense is a long-term strategy for passive income. Everything you do today will build and earn income for you tomorrow. Don’t give up; keep following the rules and implementing the proper forms of SEO, both onsite and offsite, until you see that it is working.

People who had well-written and honestly useful websites did not suffer from the Google AdSense algorithm changes. Only people who were using specific tactics to get traffic were punished.

If your website has natural incoming links to it from well-respected sites, terrific content that your viewers recommend to others, an active community on a forum, and you avoid using any type of so-called “black hat” SEO methods, you can still earn money with AdSense.

Earning decent dollars through AdSense will take time, though. As mentioned it is a long-term method (one of many) that you can use to earn money from home. But, it is not a get rich quick scheme, and it is not something you can do without working. Most people who are making a living with AdSense do it by working 8 to 10 hours a day initially, then at least a couple hours a day building on the site, adding content, keeping links up to date and learning more about their topic.

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