Are You Already Great And Don’t Know It?

When considering greatness, many people focus on the super-successful as their primary example of what being great looks like. Your favorite celebrities and superheroes aren’t the only examples of greatness, though.

For example, many everyday ordinary folks have their great qualities – even yourself! Sometimes it can be challenging to recognize this inner greatness. Tapping into your greatness and understanding exactly what makes you great is a powerful confidence booster. Are you already great and don’t know it? Consider some of the following characteristics of greatness to find out!

Greatness Characteristic 1: You like to see others do well and succeed.

Great people understand the profound value of seeing others do well when other people are successful and doing great things; the whole community benefits! This greatness characteristic stems from an interest in seeing everyone do well and benefit from growth and development.

If you like to cheer on your friends, support your family members’ passion projects, and find yourself wanting to help out a coworker’s good cause, you likely have lots of personal greatness already within you. Rather than feeling jealous when other people are finding success, you want to see them do well – you might even pitch in and help out their efforts.

Greatness Characteristic 2: You embrace imperfection and focus on your strengths.

Greatness isn’t about being perfect. Since nobody will ever be 100% perfect, greatness doesn’t depend on being perfect and never making mistakes. Even your most perfect-seeming acquaintances aren’t perfect; everyone makes mistakes along the way.

If you allow yourself to make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and then take that knowledge into the future, you already have inner greatness. Making mistakes is a normal part of the human experience – that means you can absolutely make mistakes and still be a great person. Owning your mistakes and using them as learning opportunities elevates your greatness even higher.

Greatness Characteristic 3: You try to maintain a positive attitude, even when doing so is challenging.

Negativity leads down a dead-end road. While negativity might be a natural response to a challenging situation or bad news, choosing positivity is productive in handling rough times.

Your inner greatness shines when you choose to see the more positive side of a difficult situation and spread that positivity to others. Not only are you lifting spirits, but you’re also helping everyone (including yourself) move forward through a challenging situation so growth and healing can happen. If you tend to be a positive person in a crisis, you already have this excellent quality.

Greatness Characteristic 4: You like to do everything you can to learn and grow as a person continually.

It may have been years since you were last in a classroom, but if that doesn’t stop you from learning, consider yourself a purveyor of greatness! Many folks don’t have the interest to keep learning and growing throughout their lifetimes. Instead of trying new things or picking up new skills, they allow themselves to stagnate.

If you like to read about new topics, try your hand at new hobbies, watch how-to videos to fix things around your house, or enroll in classes to learn more about a subject you find interesting, you enjoy learning.

Whenever you seek new knowledge or try to learn a new skill, you’re exhibiting a common characteristic of a person with inner greatness. Rather than allowing yourself to become dull and irrelevant, you seek to grow by learning more.

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