Is Skype Really a Good Option for Conferences and International Calls?

If you are already a Skype user you are probably aware that Skype can be used to make calls to other Skype users and regular telephones. You can also send SMS messages and chat with others.

These are all useful features, but did you know that you can also use Skype to do conference calls? Skype gives users an option to create groups and communicate with everyone in the group at the same time. It is somewhat similar to the chat room platforms seen in many places online. The conferencing option also allows you to call a group of people for a conference call. There is also a premium service that you can use in order to do video calls with your group.

Let’s take a quick look at what Skype offers today when it comes to having conference calls using their service.

With Skype conferencing, you can talk to more than one person on one call totally free of charge if everyone has Skype. All you have to do is sign up and download the latest version. Add your Skype contacts and select which contacts you want to include in the group call. If you happen to have someone that is not on Skype, you may call them too, but you would have to pay for this additional benefit.

Using Skype for conference calls is definitely going to save you money over some of the other services out there. User reviews also say the service is most often very clear and they rarely have any technical problems during use.

What about making international calls? Have you ever had loved ones or friends overseas that you’ve kept in contact with via a landline telephone? If so, then you know how ridiculous a phone bill can be just from making a few calls.

Skype offers international calling to landline or mobile phones for 2.3 cents per minute with Skype credit. If you are paid subscriber, it’s even cheaper than that. That is quite different than what most phone companies will charge you in order to make international calls.

An even better way to talk to anyone in any location in the world is Skype to Skype. This is a free service.

While you are thinking about how Skype can be beneficial to you on a personal or business level, it’s a good idea to get a “Skype to go” number. Here are some basic benefits of Skype:

* Making calls abroad while away from your computer
* You can dial from any telephone
* You don’t have to install anything
* Skype has great rates in comparison to most phone companies

With features like conferencing, phone calls, chat and instant messaging, this service really brings a lot to the table when it comes to communicating with others, whether they are local or abroad.

Skype can definitely save you time and money and allow you to expand your abilities to communicate with others, no matter where you are or where they may be. Communication is a key element when it comes to running your business.

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