Importance of Making the Right Color Choices for Your Website

When designing a website, it is extremely important to choose colors that invoke the emotion or feelings that you want your visitors to experience. You want your colors to correspond with the message you are trying to get across to your visitors.

You need colors on your website that go along with the type website you have. You certainly don’t want to design a website for men about health issues and make it all pink. Most men probably wouldn’t even read it if it’s all “pinked out.”

The right colors at the right time can actually convert prospects in to buyers. Let’s take a basic look at what colors invoke what type of emotion or feelings in your visitors. The way this works all boils down to human psychology. It is all about human perception and how we visualize things.

Most of the common colors and the perception of each color are listed below:

* BROWN – Brown is a color that represents nature. This color would be expected to be seen on gardening-, hunting- or nature-related websites.

* WHITE – White is a color that symbolizes purity, innocence and possibly cleanliness. This would be a color you may see on a baby site, wedding site or possibly even a religious website.

* PINK – Pink is a color that is associated with femininity. This color is often seen on websites with baby information, women’s health information or maybe websites for young girls.

* GREEN – Green is a calming color. It represents things such as nature, money, health and life. It is not uncommon to see green on websites that have to do with gardening, money or nature.

* PURPLE – Purple is a color that is associated with passion, luxury or fantasy. Many of the websites about love, passion, romance or even some of the adult store websites will proudly display purple.

* ORANGE – Orange is a color that is associated with things such as sports, celebrations or fun activities. Many sports websites have orange as a primary color. It’s also prominent on websites that sell party supplies or websites for kids.

* RED – Red is a color that makes a person think of love, romance, danger, adventure or maybe excitement. It’s also a great way to get the attention of your visitors. This color is probably most often seen on holiday-related websites or websites that want someone to feel excited or passionate about something.

* YELLOW – Yellow isn’t used much in website design. Although the color yellow can have a calming effect some people, it has also been known to create feelings of anxiety or stress.

* BLACK – Black is just kind of drab. It’s not really a color you would want to use if you are trying to sell products or services. Of course, it’s often used as a font color but unless you are doing a haunted or Halloween-related website, it’s probably better to refrain from using too much black.

* BLUE – Blue represents cleanliness, crispness, and freshness. It has also been said that blue represents purity.

Before choosing the colors for your website design, make sure you choose the colors that support the message you are trying to relay.

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