How to Attract Industry Influencers

While you can be extremely successful without aligning yourself with industry influencers, connecting with them can make a difference. Attracting and building relationships with the big players in your niche can help you tap into buying triggers and provide a number of other benefits.

What are “Industry Influencers?”

Industry influencers are those people in your niche who have a large following. They’re often most noticeable in social media. If you notice that everyone is talking about and connecting to someone, they’re likely an influencer. If they have thousands of blog subscribers and a regular stream of blog comments they’re an influencer. Influencers are often prolific. They may have published books or have a steady stream of products, services, and promotions. In short, they’re active, engaged, and successful in their niche.

Why Would You Want to Attract an Influencer?

At first glance you might think that an influencer is your competition. However, by connecting with these movers and shakers you can actually grow your business. Not only will you learn from them, you also create and build buying triggers for your prospects. Namely, credibility and authority. When you’re aligned with an influencer you strengthen your reputation. People trust you more. Consider the person with the dog training website who forges a partnership with Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer. Or the crafter who writes a guest post for Martha Stewart’s blog.

So How Do You Attract Influencers?

Be spectacular. The first key to attracting influencers is to be the best entrepreneur you can be. Put your customers and prospects at the forefront. Be authentic. Be transparent. Perform at your best and build a great business.

Share. The next key to attracting influencers is to share your vast wealth of knowledge, experience, insight and expertise. Connect on a regular basis not only with your prospects and customers but also with those influencers you want to attract. Subscribe to their blogs and comment frequently. Follow them on social media and become an active participant. Provide thoughtful commentary and insight. They’ll be sure to recognize you.

Consider gifting them. If there’s a particular influencer you want to connect with and build a relationship consider sending them the best of what you have to offer. If you sell products then that might be a basket of your best material. If you’re an information marketer then send them your book.

Finally, make them an offer they can’t refuse. Host a webinar and invite them to speak. Write a book and ask them to write the forward. Create an offer that provides them a significant benefit and make it easy for them to contribute. Be polite. Be professional and be your best. You’ll naturally attract the influencers in your niche.

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