Five Reasons to Consider Purchasing an IPhone for Business Use

There’s always some new techy device hitting the market that seems to give business owners a “wow” factor of sorts. It can be quite confusing when so many new products come out so often. With that being said, let’s take a look at the latest iPhone -the Apple IPhone 5 – and how this device could benefit you and your business.

IPhones are quite delicate devices but they bring a lot of ease to your otherwise busy life. The question of whether or not you should consider buying an iPhone 5 for your business is really one you would have to answer yourself but there are business users that feel this is the one and only device for them. Here’s why:

1. Faster

The iPhone 5 is capable of running in the 4G LTE networks, which brings you faster web browsing than some other similar phones. It also has a powerful and fast processor. There are three microphones and a noise-cancelling earpiece for users. The calls are clearer because of the wideband audio presented by Apple. For a business user on the go, these features are definite strong points when considering whether you should purchase one or not.

2. Battery Life

Simply put, the battery on the iPhone 5 lasts longer than the previous models. Who has time to stop doing business and charge their phone anyway? Right now, it’s said that the iPhone 5 battery will last 225 hours on standby and 8 talking hours.

3. Display

The iPhone 5 has a bigger display than previous iPhone versions. The display has an improved resolution and allows for a 5th row of icons, which can save you time when opening applications on your phone.

4. FaceTime Calls

FaceTime is similar to Skype video chat and works between Apple devices. You can use this service over your wireless carrier’s network. Carrier availability may vary, so make sure you check with your carrier before expecting this as a definite. The phone is capable but some carriers don’t support this.

5. Storage Space

Storage space is a very important feature for those business owners who rely heavily on their phones. Most users are going to need more than 16 GB of storage. That is why Apple has developed this product to have a full 32 GB of storage.

Many businesses are now making their products and services available right from an iPhone. Many websites are compatible so that you can shop right from your phone, make payments, or reserve hotel rooms and even rental cars. Businesses are beginning to get a grip on how much time it saves them to be able to do this and more all in one place.

IPhones are great for many businesses and the iPhone 5 may be just what you’ve been looking for all along. With its brilliant design, ease of use and lightweight convenience, this particular phone could potentially be the ideal device for business owners on the go.

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