Do Social Metrics Really Affect SEO?

Social media has now become a vital tool for marketing any business. These platforms allow businesses to create specific profiles, interact with customers and find prospects. When managed properly, social media can actually help you grow your customer base.

Social media is all about building reputation, rapport and establishing relationships. SEO use to be about stuffing your page full of keywords, but that is no longer the case. Instead, quality content and the right amount of keywords are showing better results than overdoing it with your keywords.

You may wonder how all of this plays into social metrics and how these metrics affect SEO. Let’s take a general look at how this works.

Modern times have brought what’s called “analytics tools” of major search engines to light. You are now able to track movement and behaviors of customers in social media sites. These tools allow you to analyze exactly where your consumers come from when they visit your website and/or social media profiles. The places they come from may be from following tweets, reading Facebook updates or even clicking on photos that you may have posted on social media sites.

Now that we are able to do all of that, it gives you the upper hand in being able to keep track of how effective a marketing campaign really is. This method of tracking also gives you an idea of the strategies you should focus on. This allows you to formulate a game plan that will allow you to maximize your exposure.

As time goes on, search engines are becoming more technologically advanced and are really the cutting edge when it comes to finding your information online. That is where it has been discovered that social metrics are now beginning to have an impact on SEO.

When monitoring the activity on social networks, here are the metrics that you should really be paying attention to:

* Posts on your wall; mention of your business and response rates. This tells how well you interact with others on the site.

* Look at the number of followers, fans, friends you have.

* Take time to review interactions that are generated by the posts you make.

When fans or friends retweet your tweets and share your posts on social platforms, this helps increase the ranking of your page. Having high presence and quality content on social media sites can help your search engine ranking.

All of those things are very important to keep up with. SEO is also an important factor when it comes to your website. SEO experts have stated different opinions when it comes to what the most important factor of SEO really is. Common sense would tell one that one of the most important factors in SEO is having a long-standing URL that does not change. After you have made your efforts on marketing your business, it’s always a good idea to stay well grounded, maintain your social media presence and work your way to the top of the major search engines.


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