Attract Local Customers with Online and Offline Advertising

Are you ready to get more local customers to recognize your business? If so, then there are tons of ways you can advertise locally and get local people to notice you.


The first and most obvious form of local advertising would be the local newspaper. Newspaper advertising has been around forever it seems, and you can actually look at this method as being extra beneficial considering that many newspapers are now available on the internet too.

Another advertising method that has been around for many years is the yellow pages. Make sure you have your business ad included in your local area. This is an old method, but is also one that has been known to be very valuable.

Every business owner should have business cards they can distribute to people they know, people they may meet and anyone that you may come in contact with. When having your business cards made, it is extremely important to put your business name, something about how your products or services are beneficial and your complete contact information.

Many people still advertise in magazines too. This can be a valuable means of targeted advertising that can be done offline.

Using direct mail as an advertising resource is another smart move for you.


Take your advertising to the internet and cash in on the tons of resources available to you online. One such resource is the online paid ads. Some examples of resources you may want to explore are Google AdWords and Yahoo.

The internet is full of free classified sites and most of them will either have a website particularly for your state as well as nationwide. Whatever the case may be, start searching for and deciding which free classified sites are right for you and your business. You will find when you begin looking for free classifieds, there will be tons. Stick to some of the top-ranked sites so you know that your ad will get the attention it deserves.

Forums and online communities are resources that are also pretty much priceless. You can find online communities on just about any type of topic you search for. Many of these communities will have message boards and/or blogs that you post things on. Just make sure you read the terms of service on any community. Some do not allow links to websites, but some do. Many of these communities even provide a specific place to advertise your business with a link to your website.

Once you have advertised and made your efforts to get site traffic, it’s time to get down to business and start capturing information about your leads. It is important to keep in touch with individuals that have visited your website and inquired about your business. Always be receptive to any questions they may have. Don’t forget to follow up and see if there is anything you can assist them with. There are plenty of local customers out there waiting for you!

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