Achieving Maximum Results From Facebook 

If you want to make Facebook work for expanding your business then you’ll need to ensure that you’re using Facebook with focus and purpose paying attention to details. First, create a Facebook profile and a Facebook business page that has complete information with links back to your website or blog, and a good image that people will recognize when you post information to your page.

Then, follow these tips to maximize results from Facebook:

Post Regularly — Don’t be a pest but it’s important that you post regularly on Facebook for the simple reason that everyone who follows you and has “liked” your page will not see your posts. By posting more regularly you will increase the chances that your posts are seen. Your audience might even start looking forward to your posts and look at your wall specifically.

Time Your Posts — Shoot for sending posts out three different time a day and keep them consistent. The way Facebook works to rank posts is called EdgeRank, and there are people who believe that posting at the same times each day will improve your ranking and how many see what you post.

Avoid Automation — Facebook likes manually posted updates more than they do automatic posts. This can be a problem but you can always hire a virtual assistant to update your Facebook page too. You can use some automation such as posting your blog posts from your blog automatically, but only if you are getting good engagement on those posts.

Be Relevant — Sure cats are funny and babies are cute, but if this has nothing to do with your target audience don’t post them to your audience. People may even share them, but if they’re not relevant they won’t attract your ideal audience. It’s more important to be relevant than to have lots of shares on something irrelevant.

Post Links, Videos, Images — Posting a variety of different types of posts will increase ranking, sharing, and interaction. More interaction increases ranking.

Have a CTA — Every post should ask your readers to do something such as share it, click it, read it, comment on it. You can increase participation so easily by just asking.

Spend a Little — On Facebook it will eventually be imperative to send a little money and try out some paid Facebook advertising. Try out Sponsored Stories and Promoted Posts first, then venture into Facebook Ads.

Study Metrics — Test various postings and check your metrics. From the reports you can see what is working and what is not working. Do more of what works and drop what doesn’t. Facebook has tools that help you see what is working and what is not working.

Educate Yourself — Most people don’t realize that even if you’re friends with someone, and even if you’ve “liked” someone or a business on Facebook it doesn’t necessarily mean you will see what that business or person posts in your newsfeed. The algorithm that they use is called EdgeRank. Due to EdgeRank many of your Facebook “likes” don’t see what you have posted.

By increasing interaction on Facebook with your members, avoiding too much automation, and including a CTA in all posts to Facebook while also using some of Facebook’s marketing options you can maximize your marketing results on Facebook.

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