How Can Content Ads Drive Traffic?

Content ads can enhance your advertising campaign. If you use Google AdWords, then you also have access to their display network. Create ads that will help gain the attention of customers who might find you in a different way. So, how does it work?

The Content Ad Story

Here’s a hypothetical example that could turn out to be you. Your business has used Google AdWords to gain visibility on search engine pages. Using keywords and phrases that target the niche market you serve, those who use similar words in their search can view your ads on the same page as their search results.

While you can gain a lot of leads this way, there is no guarantee that they will buy once they click. This is probably one reason why the quality score that feeds into your ad rank on Google takes into account your website as a whole and your landing page specifically. Optimizing keywords through your website also targets those who you want to attract. And, having a dynamic product and content for them to view can keep them coming back. Don’t forget the all-important “call to action” on the page and in your ads.

Now, you are aware of another option for reaching customers. You can create content ads for Google’s display network. Here you can utilize text ads, video, rich media and image ads to run on websites that have similar themes as your keywords in the ads.

Let’s say that you sell energy bars. If your bars are carried in stores locally and in the states bordering yours, then your content ads can be targeted to that geographic location. The advantage here is that once they click on your ad they can find a store that carries your bars if they want to try them. They can also call you directly (from their mobile phone) if you have included a call extension in your ads.

Tracking your content ads is just as manageable as tracking search engine ads. Customize your campaign to delete ads that are not working and increase those that seem to bring in the most traffic and lead to more conversions.

Did you like that story?

Benefits of Utilizing Content Ads

Because SEO wasn’t netting you the traffic you wanted, you turned to search engine ads like Google AdWords. And, to make sure that you are doing all you can to reach your relevant customers you can employ content ads so audiences can view you from a different angle.

Content ads offer a potentially better ROI but there is some risk, just like with search engine ads. Since you are not targeting specific customers like before, there is a greater chance that people won’t click. What you have to decide is whether the cost is worth the potential gain. Ads that aren’t working can be removed so you don’t wreck your budget.

You may not hit the mark right out of the gate but content ads offers another dimension to your advertising plan.

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