Give Your Business a Boost with Bing ‘Deals’

Did you know that some mobile devices default to “Bing” for search? If you didn’t, you probably also need to know that Bing is the fastest growing search engine and if you’re not using it to its full advantage to promote your business, you’re missing out.

One way to promote your business with Bing is with Bing Deals. Bing Deals simply packages up all the different local and daily deals in one place so that no one has to search in separate places for them.

With Bing Webmaster Tools you can optimize your website. With Bing Search Advertising you can ensure that your customers find your website and ultimately your business. If you want to be found locally, ensure that you claim your business on Bing Business Portal. It’s free to get started. Simply go to and follow the easy instructions provided.

Due to the proliferation of Bing search, if you’ve not done this yet you’re not taking advantage of every opportunity to promote your business. As mentioned before, Bing is the default search on many mobile browsers now – due to that fact alone it is going to grow fast. Your business needs to be where the action is and today the action is with local search.

You can then make your profile super attractive by including photos, logos, and keyword-rich content. Once you’re finished with the profile, you can start using the different promotion opportunities such as Bing Deals. With the literally millions of searches happening by the minute around the world, your small business needs Bing Deals. The business boost you’ll receive will take you to the next level. Your customers are using Bing more and more, so why not follow their example? Google is not the only game in town.

In the Bing Business Portal you can create a complete listing, ensuring to use keywords that will attract your target audience, and also offer deals to help you get more clients and/or customers. Offering Bing Deals at least seven to ten times will provide the type of results that you want to see in terms of getting more traffic and making more sales. In other words, don’t just offer your deal once and call it a day. Offer it multiple times for the best results. Your market needs to see you more than once to start buying.

According to a report by Rice University in 2012, some Bing Deal users report seeing an 80% new customer rate after doing seven or more Bing Deals. However, doing only one Bing Deal did not prove to be profitable. Therefore, if you want to do Bing Deals, ensure that you include at least seven in your overall marketing plan to get the best results. Many customers spent more money than the deal’s value as well.

Having Bing Deals for your specially-priced items will attract new local customers to your business. Searchers using Bing (which compromises more than 30 percent of all searches) will see your deal if they use the right search terms. The great thing about Bing Deals from a business perspective is that they’re easy to track in order to measure results. You won’t be left in the dark wondering if you’re on the right path.

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