Generating Big Profits through Group Learning Events

Do you ever wonder why some businesses host so many webinars, seminars and online workshops? The reason may surprise you. The truth is that these group learning events can generate big profits. Let’s take a look at what live learning events are and how they can help you increase your bottom line.

Group Learning Events

Group learning events are just that – they’re events that are usually held online and they’re designed to teach a subject to a group of people. Webinars, organized social chats, and Yahoo group conferences are just a few examples of group learning events. People organize at a specific time to learn about and discuss a topic.

Why Are These Events so Profitable?

There are many reasons why group learning events are profitable. Let’s remember first that a group of people has signed up for or joined a learning event because they’re interested in the information. They’re pre-qualified prospects. It’s significantly easier to sell to a pre-qualified prospect than it is to a cold one.


When you’re teaching a large group, there’s a connection to your audience that is much different than what they’d receive by simply visiting your website. You’re talking to them. You may be interacting and answering questions as well. There’s a different dynamic. Assuming the prospect already likes you and you have established credibility, then they’re much more likely to take the next step – your call to action – at the end of the event.

Speaking of Credibility…

Group learning events put you in the position of teacher. In general, we give a certain degree of authority and credibility to our teachers. We believe what they tell us, for the most part, and we respect their knowledge. Credibility, authority, and liking are all buying triggers. We buy from people we like; people who we believe are credible sources of information, and people we believe to be experts or authorities on their subject.

The Next Step Is Easy

Most group learning events are set up so that they deliver only a portion of the information. To gain the full value, an attendee needs to take the next step. For example, if you attend an online seminar about how to use Twitter to market your romance novel, you’ll probably be willing or interested in buying a book or course on how to market your romance novel. Assuming the teacher delivered valuable information, you’ll be interested in gaining more of it.

Finally, there is some immediacy to a group learning event. The call to action is usually a special deal offered for only those who attended the event, and it’s only available for a limited time. So your prospects feel as if they belong to a special group and there is a time limit on the offer. These two triggers often motivate more sales.

If you’re seeking a nice boost in profits, consider planning and hosting a live event. This may turn into your most profitable marketing tactic.

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