Establishing Yourself as an Expert Author

By establishing yourself as an expert, you can start charging for your expertise and knowledge, not your time. When you stop trading hours for dollars, you’ll be able to boost your income beyond what you may have thought previously possible. Sound good, right? Well, it’s not something that happens overnight.

Becoming an expert author is a process by which you create a name for yourself by authoring books, information, articles, blogs, and other content around a particular niche. One way to get started is to start with a blog, then build up to writing articles, information products and finally books about your topic.

By positioning yourself as an expert in your field you will be able to command higher pay for any work you do, and your books will sell out the moment you click “publish”. You can earn more than six figures if you’ve done your homework and proved yourself as an expert. You can earn the money from your written work, from coaching and also from getting on the speaking circuit.

There are so many ways to add to your income once expertise is established that the work getting seen as an expert author will be worth it.

Claim Your Title

If it sounds funny to you to claim yourself as an expert on something, you have to find a way to get over it. No one knows what you know, in the way that you know it. No one can compare with your way of disseminating information. You are unique. It’s okay to claim your expert status on a topic you’ve studied and worked toward knowing. Remember, experts know they don’t know everything, but they’re willing to keep learning.

Promote Yourself with Social Media

Take charge of self-promotion by using all social media to your advantage. Create a Google+ page for your work, create a blog, a website, Facebook page, Twitter, and even Pinterest if your market is there. Everything you write, share with the world. Okay, not the world, but share it with your audience.

Answer questions from your audience openly and freely to show what an expert you are. People are more likely to buy from you if they feel like they can trust you, and if you offer information freely, they will develop trust in your knowledge.

About Google Authorship

An awesome component of Google+ is the addition of Google+ Authorship. Essentially what this does is allow your picture and information to show up in Google searches that find your work. You create a byline, add some code to your work, get verified by Google and your Google profile will be linked to your work. You will stand out better in search results, and since you’re a verified real person, you will elicit more trust from followers and fans.

Write. A lot.

The fact is, writers write. You cannot call yourself an author or a book author if you don’t spend most of your time writing. Writing is what makes you a writer. And writers who want to become expert authors do what is necessary to publish their work. They hire editors, they hire professional graphic designers to create perfect covers, and they publish.

If you want to be seen as an expert author, be prolific, be public, and spend some time tooting your own horn. While writing is what’s going to get you there, marketing is what’s going to truly establish you as an expert. If you need help, there is plenty of help out there to help you with the editing, graphics, and marketing of your work.

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