Being Vulnerable Isn’t a Bad Thing When You Know How to Be Mindful

Not many people like the world vulnerable. The reason they don’t like the word is because they think that being vulnerable means being easy prey for the strong. So instead of embracing vulnerability, we tend to shy away from it.

We barricade our hearts and minds from anything we feel might hurt us. This can also be referred to as keeping our hearts protected. We act like keepers of the gate of our heart, never truly letting anyone get close.

But vulnerability isn’t a bad thing when you know how to be mindful. When you practice mindfulness, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be protected from ever being hurt again. It means that you’re going to live your life with abundance and in the present regardless of what “might” happen if you open yourself up.

When you use mindfulness, it allows you to be who you truly are. Loving and open. True to yourself and fully human. Practicing mindfulness means that you don’t shy away from being vulnerable.

You don’t try to hide your imperfections. You accept that you have them, you love yourself through them and you allow others to see your flaws and love you with them. This lets you not have to pretend to be different to get others to accept you.

With mindfulness, you’re simply who you are. When connected with mindfulness, being vulnerable opens up a circle of freedom and acceptance for yourself as well as for the people in your life.

It means that you won’t barricade your heart behind a wall of fear and past hurts. You’ll let whatever comes your way show up – knowing that when it does, you’ll have the courage and strength to face it head on and come out stronger for it.

Mindfulness with vulnerability lets you make deeper connections. This can alleviate loneliness, feelings of anxiety, sadness and more. You build stronger relationships with the people in your life when you allow yourself to be vulnerable.

You’re able to love people more openly and to accept that love in return. When you’re being vulnerable through mindfulness, you’ll grow more as a person. You’ll be able to accept yourself in a way that you never have before.

You’ll become less judgmental of your own faults and the faults of others. When you let yourself be vulnerable, you can create greater depths of love, trust and acceptance. You’ll feel happier with life, have less stress and gain peace.

The biggest thing that you’ll gain is the ability to be vulnerable with yourself emotionally. Too often we don’t explore our deepest thoughts and emotions because there’s pain there and we don’t want to be defenseless against that.

We know it’s going to hurt if we just let go. But when you’re vulnerable with yourself, you’ll find that you’re able to stop running from your emotions and you’re able to let go of the things that hurt you because you’ll be able to face and acknowledge them.

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